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Bahria Enclave Heights - Project Intro

Bahria enclave heights

Bahria Enclave Heights - The apartments

Upgrade to a better life. Come home to an aura of luxury you richly deserve. Soaring high in a premium locality, yet leaving the crowded bustle of urban living behind, Bahria Enclave Heights will pamper you with splendor and sophistication reserved for those who believe life must be lived to the fullest. In this haven of style and comfort, you will find that rare factor that best defines luxury. The sheer abundance of space.


Warm natural light floods the interiors, and breathes life into your living room with maximum ventilation. Widely spaced windows delightfully let the outdoors in and enhance the views. There’s a palette of fine features and finishes proving that a true perfectionist was behind planning every amenity you see around you.


One of Pakistan’s leading property developers, Bahria Town takes pride in a legacy over three decades long.

Bahria Town

A legacy of building the trust of stakeholders through unwavering commitment and consistent effort. Instituted in 1996,

Bahria Town has transformed cityscapes across Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore & Karachi, with landmark residential, commercial, retail and hospitality addresses.

Today Bahria Town is shorthand for best-in-class design and top-of-the-line facilities in elegant, sophisticated, thoughtful creations.

Spanning villas, villaments, penthouses, premium residences, luxury apartments, value homes, independent living for seniors and mixed-use lifestyle townships, Bahria Town’s residential portfolio is impressive.

Bahria Enclave Heights
Bahria enclave heights


A short stroll from Islamabad’s superb shopping and business centers, Bahria Enclave Heights offers 226 fabulously appointed one, two & three bedrooms apartments over 6 floors.

Many with terraces and clustered around their own private landscaped courtyard.

These apartments have been finished to the very highest standards of designer comforts.

The Clubhouse is the center of your sports & leisure lifestyle with a swimming pool, Gym, Badminton court, Basketball court. Enjoy a steaming Sauna & rejuvenate yourself in a Spa.

At Bahia Enclave Heights, you will be pampered in an exclusive way.

At the left side of the undertaking, right in the middle of the solid mass b, there is a greatly sized size swimming group .

The distance down is not deep in the front . At the lowest part of the group there are high-quality puts thin bricks fixed.

At the back part, There is a great market building . at the back of is the group of persons hall . leading position is open.

In the position, nearest to the apartments is under get onto land parking .The distance down is not deep in the front.

At the lowest part of the group there is high-quality puts thin bricks fixed.



Breath taking views across Margalla & the Murree Hills, Bahria Enclave Height’s higher apartments offer stunning views across some of Islamabad’s finest landscapes.


Living Rooms - Spacious

Bahria Enclave Heights brilliantly appointed apartments offers the very finest in sophisticated modern living space, including spacious living rooms with all the unique designer touches one would expect in properties built to such exacting standards. Large, open windows bring a splash of drama to every occasion and every nook & corner complete the feeling of space and freedom designed into every home.
Indulge with your casual moments, may it be lazing around or a stretched Gup Shup on facetime, your lounge will be your favorite spot. Living the best moments of your day along with brilliant surroundings and absorbing fixtures will be part of your life.

Bahria enclave heights Bahria enclave heights

Bahria Town has made come into existence current-day living standards in Islamabad and offered a way of living.

Bahria out-post within lands of another distances up from level is a number, order, group.

the line of ultra great comfort of private houses apartments at Islamabad .

These apartments are ready (to be used) on parts of a regular payment .booking is open now .

It is current-day facilities which offers a nothing like it way of living .


For many people, the kitchen is the true heart of the home. That’s why every magnificent kitchen in Bahria Enclave Heights is designed not just for cooking a perfect family meal, but for enjoying an intimate social evening with guests too. Craftsman-made units, state-of-the-art appliances and designer styling all combine to create a kitchen ambience where not a single vital detail has been overlooked.

Bahria enclave heights d


BAHRIA ENCLAVE HEIGHTS offers apartments with 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, each with the same exquisite attention to luxurious detail to ensure that, from the first floor to the 5th, a brilliant night’s sleep is never in doubt.
The walls will take you in your arms. The lighting will be provoking enough to build up the moods. Relax & prepare for a good night sleep in the coziest of ambiances. Engulfed by the warmth in the chilly nights and in crisp cold during summers, your bedroom will be a heaven of all relaxations.

Bahria enclave heights Bahria enclave heights


Boasting Richness in dimensions will make this bedroom better than a bedroom of a villa.



Your attached terrace will be your place to sit on a rocking chair & talk to stars in the nights.



The wooden finish, the attractive ceiling and selected lightings will create an artistic effect.

Bahria Town has made come into existence current-day living standards in Islamabad and offered a way .

Bahria out-post within lands of another distances up from level is a number, order, group, line of ultra great .

These apartments are ready (to be used) on parts of a regular payment . booking is open now.

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